• 3/4 LA Electric Guitar + Miniamp, Black
  • 3/4 LA Electric Guitar + Miniamp, Black
  • 3/4 LA Electric Guitar + Miniamp, Black
  • 3/4 LA Electric Guitar + Miniamp, Black
  • 3/4 LA Electric Guitar + Miniamp, Black
  • 3/4 LA Electric Guitar + Miniamp, Black
  • 3/4 LA Electric Guitar + Miniamp, Black
  • 3/4 LA Electric Guitar + Miniamp, Black

3/4 LA Electric Guitar + Miniamp, Black

  • Model: ed9697
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Key Features

  • Supplied with mini amp, guitar lead, quality strap, and more
  • For young musicians, with everything you need to get rocking
  • Smaller size guitar is light and easier to hold for children
  • The guitar MusicRadar calls "a perfect place to begin a serious love affair"

  • Full Description

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    Get Ahead

    We had one goal. Make a guitar with everything you’d need to kickstart your guitar playing. Which is why the core elements of the LA electric are manufactured to our specific standards. So, you don’t have to worry about your guitar stopping you from playing what you want.

    Note: In addition, we also source our woods sustainably. The LA electric does not contain woods from any exhausted or endangered sources. It is fully CITES compliant.

    Get Electrified

    Explore any genre. The three single-coil pickups let you barrel through punk songs. Or you can dial them back and go clean, you’ll find a more pure sound that releases the calm of softer styles.

    Get the exact sound you want from your pickups, through the five-way pickup selector switch. Which lets you choose from the neck, middle, and bridge pickup (and in between each of those). In the neck position, you’ll find a more full-bodied, percussive sound. In the bridge, a more aggressive, cutting tone. In the middle - a balance of the two. So it’s just right for lead or rhythm guitar parts.

    Get Playing

    Lightweight. Easy to Handle. Hardwearing. You’re going to use this thing, so we made sure it would keep up with you. The paulownia wood body is just right. Even down to the contour along the back, so it sits comfortably. Or the double cutaway where the neck meets the body, letting you get high up the neck without anything getting in the way.

    The 3/4 size, 22-fret neck is easy to get around too. Milled from a solid piece of maple and then polished smooth. Letting your hand reach each note easily. Combined with a slim ‘C’ shape neck – this is the easiest neck to learn on (especially if you have small hands!). It’s also got the standard dot inlays along the board, making it easier to navigate up and down.

    Because learning needs a lot of practice, the fingerboard is built to last. It’s made from multiple layers of poplar, which means it’ll endure every chord, riff, and note you play on it, for years.


    Press Reviews

    This guitar was awarded 4 out of 5 by MusicRadar in a review of the LA Electric Guitar + Amp Pack.

    "This is a perfect place to begin a serious love affair with the electric guitar, a relationship that, if you're lucky, will last a lifetime."

    "In clean mode, the guitar's inbetween settings, positions two and four on the selector, are authentic."

    "The guitar has been finished nicely and additions such as two string trees and a competently-cut plastic nut are impressive." MusicRadar

    "This guitar just has a sound of its own, and there's a mellow warmth … that's quite endearing." Guitar & Bass Magazine

    "Gear4music pride themselves on the fact that their instruments are made to decent, playable standards. We'd go one further and say they've pulled off something spectacular – great looking and sounding instruments that feel as if they'll keep these qualities until you're ready to upgrade." Play Music Magazine



  • Model: 3/4 LA Electric Guitar
  • Parts: Korean
  • Construction: Bolt-on
  • Body: Paulownia
  • Pickguard: White 3-Ply
  • Neck: Maple
  • Nut Width: 42mm
  • Fingerboard: Oiled Poplar Laminate with dot position inlays
  • Machine Heads: Chrome die-cast
  • Bridge: Fixed bridge
  • Hardware: Chrome
  • Pickups: 3x Single Coil (middle pickup reverse wound)
  • Control: 1x Volume, 1x Tone, 5-Way Pickup Selector Switch
  • Scale: Three Quarter Size 610mm / 22 Frets
  • Finish: Gloss Black
  • Mini Amp Specifications

  • Output: 3 Watt Output
  • Speaker: 3" Speaker
  • Guitar Input: (1/4" Jack)
  • Headphone Output: (1/4" Jack, Speaker defeating)
  • Controls: On/Volume, Tone, Clean / Overdrive Switch
  • Power: On/Off LED
  • 9V Battery: Included
  • Mains Power Supply: 9V DC (Not included)
  • Dimensions: (H) 130mm x (W) 145mm x (D) 70mm
  • What's Also Included:

  • Jack Guitar Cable
  • Guitar Strap
  • Plectrums
  • Gigbag